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Make It Art Worthy (MIAW)

Reuse is good use... There's already enough being wasted in this world.

MIAW donates things/materials collected, found, or that have been given by others or otherwise, to artists or artistic organisations that can make better use of it.

Anybody can place stuff on the wall (http://www.facebook.com/makeitartworthy), unless he/she thinks another artist can be made happy with it. Maybe you can help an artist finally being able to make this one special project... There is just one condition: You'll have to put it on the wall for free and you have to make an appointment with the person who wants to have it yourself. On the other hand: If you yourself are in need of a special thing or material, do not hesitate to place your question on the wall! Maybe someone else would like you to have it!

For (all) artists:
If you LIKE MIAW, please do place a message on the wall (http://www.facebook.com/makeitartworthy), to let everybody know who you are and what you do. Tell MIAW what materials or information you could use, maybe others would like you to have it for FREE. Mention your website or weblog and MIAW will place your name on the


Make It Art Worthy (MIAW)

Oostzeedijk 204-206
3063BM  Rotterdam


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  • Make It Art Worthy Hou je, net als wij, van pallets? :-) https://t.co/qbR5G4tla2

    02:41 uur, 30 juli

  • Make It Art Worthy https://t.co/TE1eGZYsm5 Lekker lijntjes trekken... :-) https://t.co/JItHlbYec9

    00:05 uur, 30 juli

  • Make It Art Worthy Iets riekt hier... :-p https://t.co/UEmoU1hEmr

    23:50 uur, 29 juli

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